Rewindy Day

The wind this day seems very different from what you knew it to beWhat is happening? Why is my house destroyed? Oh, it looks like we can get it all back. I hope...



Move using WASD or Arrow keys

Use Left Mouse Button to interact and rewind objects

Rewind yourself to restart

Music: Blue Dot Sessions

Development log


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Love the art style gameplay and music,great game altogether :3
 -ps.Is that red balloon in the sewer supposed pennywise?!
 just sayin  ( : ౦ ‸ ౦ : )

Really cool :) I like the art style and mood (music!) in general.

The core mechanics worked pretty well (even though i accidentally clicked on my character instead of the broken sand clock at the end and had to replay the section... but that was my fault)

The running and jumping felt a little too floaty for my taste. I did botch some of the more precise jumps because of that. But I adpated pretty quickly.

I would love to see some more context to the game world, maybe some story elements or more concrete world building via dialog or level design (even though there already was a lot of mystery revolving the level design)


I did a Speedrun!


Oh, now we both want to break the record (¬‿¬)


Your game is soooooo cool!

Are there any secret endings?


SAMOLIOTIK and are happy if you liked our little creation!

At the time of my reply, there is no secret ending in the game, but who knows, the wind is changeable...


awww, it's so cute ♥

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the wind story...